Program 2022

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the upcoming ISNVH 2022 as a live event!

The ISNVH 2022 will comprise Contributed Papers, Keynote Lectures and Technical Workshops. Click here for the full program:

List of Papers 2022

All the listed papers (presenting authors in bold) have been peer-reviewed according to SAE Technical Paper Review standards:

Sound Quality, Active Sound Design and Active Control

  • Belicchi, C., Opinto, A., Martalo, M., Tira, A., Pinardi, D., Farina, A. and Ferrari, G., ANC: A Low-cost Implementation Perspective. University of Parma.
  • Celiberti, L., Falasca, V., Soldati, M., Borgarello, L., Meriga, A. and Miglietta, P., An in-depth study on the customer perception of the noise emitted by electric vehicles. Centro Ricerche Fiat SCpA.
  • Thome, J.P., Duval, A. and Defosse, H., An alternative Solution to Vehicles Audio System using Inertial Transducers integrated in Trim Parts: Advanced Developments. Acoudesign.
  • Chang, K.J., Cho, G., Song, W., Kim, M.J., Ahn, C.W. and Song, M., Personalized EV Driving Sound Design Based on the Driver’s Total Emotion Recognition. Hyundai Motor Group.
  • Bennouna, S., Correlation between noise metrics and subjective assessment of automotive thermal systems. Valeo Thermal Systems.
  • Bogema, D., Adriano, G., Hodgkins, J., Allman-Ward, M., Rengarajan, R., Thom, B. and Newton, G., Utilizing A Hybrid Engineering Approach for NVH Drive Evaluations in Virtual Prototypes. VI-grade.

Aereo (Flow) Acoustics

  • Villau, M., Rämmal, H. and Lavrentjev, J., Acoustic Study on Tubular Micro-perforated Flow Plug Sections in Vehicle Silencer’s Application. Tallinn University of Technology.
  • Schwertfirm, F. and Hartmann, M., Acoustic Fluid-Structure Interaction (AFSI) in the car underbody. Kreuzinger und Manhart Turbulenz GmbH.
  • Engelmann, R., Gabriel, C., Toth, F. and Kaltenbacher, M., Assessing low frequency flow noise based on an experimentally validated modal substructuring strategy featuring non-conforming grids. BMW AG.
  • Pietroniro, A.G., Trigell, E., Jacob, S., Mihaescu, M., Abom, M. and Knutsson, M., Effects of Boundary Layer and Local Volumetric Cells Refinements on Compressor Direct Noise Computation. Volvo Cars; KTH.
  • Tieber, J. and Steiner, H., Aero-acoustic source terms from Large-Eddy Simulation in turbulent pipe flow. Graz University of Technology.
  • Powell, R., Dasarathan, D. and Senthooran, S., Simulation Enabling Autonomous Vehicles to Better Hear Emergency Vehicles. Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.
  • Martin, S., Daniels, H., Venor, J. and Musser, C., Validation of Combining Compressible CFD Results with Statistical Energy Analysis for Vehicle Interior Noise Simulation. ESI Group.
  • Greco, A. and Graf, B., End-Correction in Open Ducts: an Experimental Study. AVL List GmbH.

Experimental Vehicle NVH: component noise reduction

  • Lai, Y., Weng, C., Lu, Y.Y., Karlsson, M., Abom, M. and Knutsson, M., Study of Installation Effects on Automotive Cooling Fan Noise. Volvo Cars.
  • Manzato, S., Gazdagh, Z., Vehovszky, B. and Ottaiano, S.A.,  A general framework for the experimental characterization of nonlinearities and its application to a laminated assembly of an electrical motor. Siemens Digital Industries Software.
  • Lennström, D., Rådberg, J., Annigeri, P. and Thombare, A., An Experimental Study on Factors That Influence Encapsulation Efficiency. Volvo Car Group.
  • Ricci, A., Bregant, L. and Albertz, F., On the different contributions of mounts and flexible hoses on the structure borne noise of refrigerant compressors. Università degli Studi di Trieste; BMW AG.

Experimental Vehicle NVH: substructuring

  • Cho, M., Song, D.P., Lee, M., Lee, J., Klaassen, S., Reichart, R., de Klerk, D., Kim, E. and Kang, Y.J., Prediction and Optimization of Blocked Force Changes of a Suspension System using Bush Stiffness Injection Method. Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Minervini, D., Park, S., Dirickx, T. and Geluk, T., FBS Decoupling at Suspension Level for Road Noise Applications. Siemens Digital Industries Software.
  • van der Kooij, M., Klaassen, S. and Huelsmann, A., Using Dynamic Substructuring and Component TPA to shape the NVH experience of a full-electric vehicle. VIBES Technology B.V.
  • Gagliardini, L. and de Klerk, D., Stiffness injection: a tool for vehicle NVH performance optimization. Stellantis NV.

Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Vehicle Acoustics & Vibrations

  • Millitzer, J., Hansmann, J., Song, D. and Kang, Y.J., High-bandwidth Mechanical Hardware-in-the-Loop Emulation of Structural Dynamics for More Efficient NVH Development and Testing. Fraunhofer Institute LBF.
  • Chae, K.S., Kim, H., Lee, J., Lee, J.H. and Seo, J., A Trend Line Analysis of the Insertion Loss Test Data and Application to Sound Transmission Loss Simulation. Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Di Marco, F., Bertolini, C. and Horak, J., A hybrid numerical/experimental technique for the determination of operative airborne acoustic loads for tire interior noise SEA prediction. Autoneum Holding AG.
  • Hammer, M., Härtel, A. and Reichart, R., Comparison of methods between acceleration-based in-situ and a new Hybrid in-situ Blocked Force determination. HAW Landshut.

Machine Learning

  • Hülsebrock, M., Schmidt, H., Stoll, G. and Atzrodt, H., Hierarchical Bayesian Networks for predicting the structural behavior of coupled systems. Fraunhofer Institute LBF.
  • Schmid, J.D., Hildenbrand, A., Gurbuz, C., Luegmair, M. and Marburg, S., Variational Autoencoders for Dimensionality Reduction of Automotive Vibroacoustic Models. Technical University of Munich.
  • Gurbuz, C., Eser, M., Schmid, J.D., Marburg, S. and Luegmair, M., Gaussian processes for transfer path analysis applied on vehicle body vibration problems. Technical University of Munich.


  • Cram, S., Luegmair, M., Schmid, J.D. and Marburg, S., Sensitivity analysis of NVH simulations with stochastic input parameters for a car body. BMW Group; Tech. University of Munich.
  • Droste, M., Hülsebrock, M., Stoll, G. and Atzrodt, H., Parametric Model Order Reduction for Vibroacoustic Metamaterials based on Modal Superposition. Fraunhofer Institute LBF.
  • Maaboudallah, F. and Atalla, N., An efficient methodology to predict the dynamic instabilities of a frictional system. University of Sherbrooke.
  • Xu, W., Feldmann, R., Kleinfeller, N., Adams, C. and Melz, T., Mastering uncertainty in model-based prediction of vibroacoustic vehicle properties.  TU Darmstadt.


  • Holzmann, H., Stoll, G. and Atzrodt, H., Energy Harvesting for lightweight design by means of ferroelectret transmission mechanisms arranged in clusters. Fraunhofer Institute LBF.
  • Sangiuliano, L., Boukadia, R., Deckers, E., Desmet, W. and Claeys, C., Reduction of structure-borne tyre/road noise through rubber resonant metamaterials in tyres. KU Leuven.
  • Hoang, M.T., Dejaeger, L. and Prunet, J.B., Polyurethane decoupling foam with variable stiffness and thickness: Insulation performance versus their mechanical and transport properties. Adler Pelzer Group.
  • Pires, F.A., Wandel, M., Thomas, C., Deckers, E., Desmet, W. and Claeys, C., Improving the sound transmission loss of an aircraft ceiling panel by locally resonant metamaterials. KU Leuven.
  • Chevillotte, F., Gontier, M., Romeyns, B. and Marchetti, F., Modeling and controling acoustic performance of heterogenous materials made of recycled foams. MATELYS – Research Lab.
  • Duval, A., Crignon, G., Lemaire, D. and Roux, M., Improving the application range of “Greenflocks” chips urethane based poroelastic sustainable materials coming from recycled PU mattresses using as well recycled heavy granulated carpet scraps as tunable barriers. Treves.

Vehicle NVH simulations: Numerical

  • Robin, X., Copiello, D., Poulos, A., Raskin, M., Van den Nieuwenhof, B. and Barthélemy, A., Efficient prediction and analysis of the noise radiated by an electric powertrain. Free Field Technologies.
  • Bíró, D., Diwoky, F., Klarin, B., Grozdanovic, I., Propst, M., Sinmaz, A. and Schmidt, E., Time-Domain Simulation Approach for the Electromagnetically Excited Vibrations of Squirrel-Cage Induction Machine Drives under Pulse-Width Modulated Supply. AVL List GmbH.
  • Weber, J., Jönsson, V., Hansson, L., Varela, R. and Käck, B., Opening Distortion Fingerprint (ODF)–A New Body Evaluation Method for Perceived Quality and Vehicle Dynamics. CEVT AB.
  • Nijman, E., Buchegger, B., Böhler, E. and Rejlek, J., Experimental characterization and dynamic modelling of electrical cables. Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH.
  • Saraswat, A., Oorath, R., Patel, C., Ghosh, A., Goyal, S., Thomas, J., George, J., Nair, S. and Issac, R., Tyre-road interaction noise prediction: A simulation based approach. CEAT LTD.
  • Maunder, M. and Poggi, M., Strategies for Minimising the Noise Impact of a Range Extender for an Electric Vehicle. Ricardo UK, Ltd..
  • Tira, A., Pinardi, D., Belicchi, C., Farina, A., Figuretti, A. and Izzo, S., Analytical and Numerical Models of the Sound Radiated by Fully Clamped Rectangular Vibrating Plates. University of Parma.
  • Contartese, N., Nijman, E. and Desmet, W., Coupling of component models with mismatching interfaces for an efficient NVH vehicle design. Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH; KU Leuven.
  • Kim, H., Chae, K.S., Kim, B. and Kang, M., A Study on the Sound Transmission Loss of Split HVAC for Electric Vehicles. Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Rao, S., Ravi, C., Reddy, H. and Himakuntla, U., A Coupled Simulation Approach for the Quantification of Impact Events in Automotive Applications. Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

Vehicle NVH simulations: Analytical

  • Jay, A., Jung, I., Jin, J. and Tate, S., Using Analytical Techniques to Understand the Impacts Intelligent Thermal Management Has on Piston NVH. Ricardo.
  • Bornet, F. and Gagliardini, L., NVH performance assessment by mean of injected power. Stellantis NV.
  • Jaeger, M., Franck, M. and Hameyer, K., On the Calculation of Modal Damping Ratios. RWTH Aachen.
  • Wojtowicki, J.L. and Lecuru, S., Characterization and modelling of mounts for electric powertrains. Vibratec.