Program 2024

The ISNVH 2024 will comprise Contributed Papers, Keynote Lectures and Technical Workshops. The full Program is coming out soon!

List of Papers 2024

All the listed papers (presenting authors in bold) have been peer-reviewed according to SAE Technical Paper Review standards:

Sound Quality, Active Sound Design and Active Control

  • Jung, G., Lee, S.K., An, K., Jang, S., Shin, T., Kwak, W. and Kim, H., 2024. Adaptive Inverse Control of Vibration Exciter for Tracking Target Acceleration of a Car Subsystem (No. 2024-01-2920). Inha University, Hyundai Motor Company.
  • An, K., Kim, D., Kim, S.Y., Choi, J., Lee, C., Kim, H., Lee, S.K., Im, M., Cho, H.S., An, C. and Kim, J.H., 2024. Active Vibration Control of Road Noise Path Using Piezoelectric Stack Actuators and Filtered-X LMS Algorithm for Electric Vehicle Applications (No. 2024-01-2953). Inha University, Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Oh, C., Ih, K.D. and Kim, H., 2024. A Study on RANC Technique for Server-based Control Filter Optimization (No. 2024-01-2960). Hyundai Motor Company, ARE Inc.
  • Sues, M., Nojavan, A., Kirchhof, J. and Schirmacher, R., 2024. A Low-Cost System for Road Induced Tire Cavity Noise Control (RTNC) (No. 2024-01-2961). Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology GmbH.
  • Lee, S.K., AN, K., Kim, S.Y., Kim, D., PARK, J., Cho, I. and Park, K., 2024. Sound Quality Evaluation on Noise Caused by Electric Power Steering Wheel Utilizing CNN based on Sound Metrics (No. 2024-01-2963). Inha University, Hyundai Mobis.
  • Celiberti, L., Borgarello, L., Falasca, V., Lolli, F., Meriga, A., Miglietta, P. and Soldati, M., 2024. Study on the sound design of a sporty vehicle (No. 2024-01-2964). Stellantis Europe SpA, Maserati SpA.

Aereo (Flow) Acoustics

  • Maurerlehner, P., Mayrhofer, D., Mehrgou, M., Kaltenbacher, M. and Schoder, S., 2024. Transient Numerical Analysis of a Dissipative Expansion Chamber Muffler (No. 2024-01-2935). AVL LIST GmbH, Graz University of Technology.
  • Puhle, C., Meyer, A. and Döbler, D., 2024. On Improving CLEAN-SC Maps in The Wind Tunnel (No. 2024-01-2936). GFaI e.V.
  • Pietroniro, A.G., Kabral, R., Huang, Z., Backman, J., Knutsson, M. and Abom, M., 2024. HVAC Blower: a Steady State RANS Noise Prediction Method (No. 2024-01-2937). Volvo Cars, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
  • Mordillat, P., Zerrad, M. and Errico, F., 2024. Advance simulation method for aero-acoustic vehicle design (No. 2024-01-2938). Renault, Dassault Systèmes.
  • Breitenbücher, L., Wagner, A., Wiegand, T., Brink, M. and Buderer, B., 2024. Development of an Evaluation Methodology for PIV Measurements of Low-Frequency Flow Phenomena on the Vehicle Underbody (No. 2024-01-2939). Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, FKFS.
  • Heidegger, P., Czwielong, F., Schoder, S., Becker, S. and Kaltenbacher, M., 2024. A Finite-Element-Simulation Workflow to Investigate the Aero-and Vibro-Acoustic Signature of an Enclosed Centrifugal Fan (No. 2024-01-2940).   TU Graz, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Experimental Vehicle Acoustics & Vibrations

  • Oh, J.Y., Song, D., Cho, M., Ih, K.D. and Kang, Y.J., 2024. Bushing Stiffness Optimization Method for NVH Improvement Using Blocked Force and Energy-Based Index in Suspension System (No. 2024-01-2921). AARC, Seoul National University, Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Bonato, M., Bennouna, S. and Ravineala, T., 2024. Acoustic VS reliability. Case study of automotive components undergoing vibration endurance tests (No. 2024-01-2948). Valeo Thermal Systems.
  • Rittenschober, T. and Karrer, R., 2024. High-Speed Acoustic Imaging for the Localisation of Impulse-like Sound Emissions from Automotive Components (No. 2024-01-2959). Seven Bel GmbH.
  • Franks, G., Tcherniak, D., Kennings, P. and Allman-Ward, M., 2024. Application of a Seat Transmissibility Approach to Experience Measured or Predicted Seat-rail Vibration in a Multi-Attribute Simulator (No. 2024-01-2962). VI-grade, Ltd., Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer A/S, Bentley Motors Ltd, VI-grade UK Ltd., VI-grade GmbH.
  • Saur, L. and Becker, S., 2024. Experimental Study of the Acoustics of a Electric Refrigerant Scroll Compressor (No. 2024-01-2924). Institute of Fluid Mechanics Erlangen.
  • Akrout, S., Denisse, R., Dendievel, C. and Fineschi, F., 2024. Acoustic quality assurance during End of Line engine test approval (No. 2024-01-2922). Liebherr Machines Bulle SA, Ansys.
  • Schecker, D., Uerlings, P., Gojo, J. and Graf, B., 2024. A new Evaluation Approach for NVH Efficiency of E-Drive Encapsulations (No. 2024-01-2955). AVL Deutschland GmbH, AVL LIST GmbH.
  • Schönfeld, N., Gsell, S. and Müller, G., 2024. Transmission of sound under the influence of various environmental conditions (No. 2024-01-2933). Technical University of Munich, Audi AG.
  • Kamper, T., Beljan, D., Brücher, H. and Wegerhoff, M., 2024. Making modal analysis easy and more reliable–Reference points identification by experimental prestudy (No. 2024-01-2931). Head acoustics GmbH.

Numerical Vehicle Acoustics & Vibrations

Power Train

  • Park, S. and Min, G., 2024. Analysis of the Mechanism by Which Spline Pitch Errors Affect Powertrain Vibration (No. 2024-01-2910). Hyundai Mobis.
  • Souza, M.R., Offner, G., Mohammadpour, M., Andreou, P. and Theodossiades, S., 2024. Metrics based design of electromechanical coupled reduced order model of an electric powertrain for NVH assessment (No. 2024-01-2913). Loughborough University, AVL LIST GmbH.
  • Andreou, P., Theodossiades, S., Hajjaj, A.Z., Mohammadpour, M. and Souza, M.R., 2024. Reduced order model for modal analysis of electric motors considering material and dimensional variations (No. 2024-01-2945). Loughborough University.
  • Climent, F.V.S. and Bertolini, C., 2024. Estimating a Viscous Damping Model for a Vibrating Panel in contact with an Acoustic Trim Enhanced with Particle Dampers (No. 2024-01-2917). Autoneum Management AG.


  • Weber, J., Felipe, F.R.L., Bäcklund, J., Vignati, M. and Cheli, F., 2024. New Equivalent Static Load (ESL) Creation Procedure for Complete Vehicle (No. 2024-01-2944). Zeekr Technology Europe AB, Cocal, BETA CAE Nordic AB, Politecnico di Milano.
  • Van Hal, W., Goy, O., Amichi, K., Musser, C., Calloni, M. and Hadjit, R., 2024. Coupled Boundary Element and Poro-Elastic Element Simulation Approach to Designing Effective Acoustic Encapsulation for Vehicle Components (No. 2024-01-2956). ESI Group.
  • Paiva, A., Verhaegen, J., Lielens, G. and Van den Nieuwenhof, B., 2024. Frequency Response Analysis of Fully Trimmed Models using Compressed Reduced Impedance Matrix Methodology (No. 2024-01-2947). Hexagon.

Numerical-Experimental Vehicle Acoustics & Vibrations

Power Train

  • Duval, A., Crignon, G., Goret, M., Wilkinson, A., Dauchez, N. and POLAC, L., 2024. Efficient engine encapsulation strategy using poroelastic finite element simulation (No. 2024-01-2957). Treves, UTC, Renault.


  • Buchegger, B., Sonnberger, P., Böhler, E., Nijman, E., Rejlek, J., Billermann, R. and Krüger, Y., 2024. Structural Dynamic Modelling of HVAC Systems (No. 2024-01-2923). Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.


  • Wagner, M., Baumann, G., Lindbichler, L., Klanner, M. and Feist, F., 2024. Comparing the NVH behaviour of an innovative steel-wood hybrid battery housing design to an all aluminium design (No. 2024-01-2949). Graz University of Technology.
  • Wang, S. and Gagiu, C., 2024. Simulation and test methods on NVH performance of axle system (No. 2024-01-2950). Renault Group, Renault Romania.
  • Wagner, P., Langer, P., Mäder, M. and Marburg, S., 2024. Frequency-based substructuring for virtual prediction and uncertainty quantification of thin-walled vehicle seat structures (No. 2024-01-2946). BMW Group, Technical University of Munich.
  • Di Marco, F., Lafont, T., Bertolini, C. and Gerges, Y., 2024. A critical review of some Panel Contribution Analysis methods used in interior vehicle acoustics. Autoneum Holding AG, Autoneum Management AG.


  • de Walque, C., Yoo, J.W., Jeong, C. and Kong, T., 2024. Definition and Application of a Target Cascading Process on a Fully Trimmed Body, from Vehicle Objectives to Component Objectives (No. 2024-01-2916). Hexagon, Hyundai Motor Group, Hexagon Korea, Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Tonelli, R., Buckert, S., Patrucco, A., Perez, B.B., Gutierrez, J. and Sanchez, A., 2024. Electric Vehicle Ride & Vibrations Analysis-Full electric vehicle MBD model development for NVH studies (No. 2024-01-2918).  Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center, Applus IDIADA.
  • Calloni, M., Hadjit, R., Salvekar, P. and Musser, C., 2024. Harmonizing Safety Regulations and Perception: A Simulation Methodology for AVAS System Design (No. 2024-01-2915). ESI Group, ESI North America.
  • Mehrgou, M., de Madinabeitia, I.G. and Ahmed, M.E., 2024. Synergizing Efficiency and Silence: A Novel Approach to E-Machine Development (No. 2024-01-2914). AVL LIST GmbH.

Data Driven Methods

  • Harry, E., Morris-Kirby, R., Caponio, E. and Hoang, M.T., 2024. The use of machine learning algorithms in the simulation of multi-layer acoustic palliatives (No. 2024-01-2928). Adler Pelzer Group.
  • Noh, K., Lee, D., Jung, I., Tate, S., Mullineux, J. and Azmin, F.M., 2024. AI-Based Optimization Method of Motor Design Parameters for Enhanced NVH Performance in Electric Vehicles (No. 2024-01-2927). Hyundai Motor Company, Ricardo.
  • Luegmair, M., Dantas, R., Schneider, F. and Müller, G., 2024. Gaussian Process Surrogate Models for Vibroacoustic Simulations (No. 2024-01-2930). BMW AG, Technical Universtity of Munich / BMW AG, TU Munich, Chair of Structural Mechanics.
  • Credo, G., Taddeo, V. and Aglietti, F., 2024. Artificial Neural Network for Airborne Noise Prediction of a Diesel Engine (No. 2024-01-2929). Dumarey Automotive Italia S.p.A, Politecnico di Torino.

Numerical Techniques

  • Mandapalli, P.R., Hoefler, D. and Rohani, R., 2024. Numerical Study of Application of Gas Foil Bearings in High-Speed Drivelines (No. 2024-01-2941). Tectos GmbH.
  • Rauter, A., Utzig, L., Weisheit, K. and Marburg, S., 2024. Advanced squeak and rattle noise prediction for vehicle interior development–numerical simulation and experimental validation (No. 2024-01-2925). TUM-Chair of Vibroacoustics / BMW Group.
  • Bronzova, M., Bocquillet, A. and Schanz, M., 2024. Trim-structure interface modelling and simulation approaches for FEM applications (No. 2024-01-2954). BMW Group, Graz University of Technology.
  • Tuozzo, D.M. and Atalla, N., 2024. Assessment of Equivalent Properties for Flat Multilayered Panels (No. 2024-01-2943). Université de Sherbrooke.
  • Gagliardini, L., Takhchi, J., Sadoulet-reboul, E., Ouisse, M. and Bornet, F., 2024. The irrotational intensity: an efficient tool to understand the vibration energy propagation in complex structures using an FE Model (No. 2024-01-2942). AITL, Stellantis NV, Université de Franche-Comté, FEMTO-ST.

Tyre-road noise

  • Antoine, T., 2024. Noise pollution–A breakthrough approach (No. 2024-01-2919). Renault.
  • Hadjit, R., Weilnau, K., Engels, B., Martin, S., Calloni, M. and Musser, C., 2024. Tire Noise Synthesis from Test Stand Measurements and CAE Full Vehicle Models (No. 2024-01-2951). ESI Group, VI-grade, HBK Inc.
  • Park, J. and Park, S., 2024. Roadnoise Reduction through Component-TPA with Test and Simulation convergence using Blocked Force (No. 2024-01-2952). Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center, Hyundai Motor Group.

Technical workshops and more…


Sound Quality of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles, organized by HEAD acoustics.


Advantages of Multi-Attribute Simulation for New Vehicle Development, organized by VI Grade.

Special Session: Industry Meets Academia

  • Weiss, J., 2024. Meta Design: Next Level of Acoustic Insulation in Automotive Industry. Mercedes.
  • An overview of the EU Project GAP_Noise. Doctoral Candidates from UPC, Virtual Vehicle Research, KU Leuven, INSA Lyon.