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Francois Gautier

Vibration mitigation strategy based on the  Acoustic Black Hole Effect

Francois Gautier is full Professor at Le Mans University (Université du Mans, France) since 2008. He holds a PhD in Acoustics
from Le Mans University obtained in 1997. He is also an aeronautical engineer (ENSAE, Sup Aero, Toulouse, 1993) and has
obtained a master in Astrophysics (Univ. P. Sabatier,Toulouse, France, 1993) and a master in music technology (ATIAM, Paris,
1994). He is teaching Acoustics and Vibration in the engineering school ENSIM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs du
Mans, France) since 1997. He has published 48 articles in international peer reviewed journals and more than 120 conference
papers. His main research areas concern Vibroacoustics, the passive control of vibrations, the Acoustic Black Hole effect, the
physics of periodically architectured panels, and the application of vibroacoustics to the study of musical instruments. He
supervised 14 PhD theses.
He is involved as coordinator or key-person in funded research projects related to Vibroacoustics at LAUM (Laboratoire
d’Acoustique de l’Université du Mans, UMR CNRS 6613): eTNAA (ANR Project 2017-2021), FullFields (Labcom ANR
project, 2018-2021), BellAccor (ANR Project 2019-2022), MetaPlaq (RFI project, 2016-2019), Vibroleg (IRT J. Verne project,
2011-2017), PAFI (ANR Project, 2008-2012), He also manages or is involved in industrial contracts related to Vibration control:
Continental (Automotive industry, 2018-2021), Sim-Engineering (Gas industry, 2016-2019), Chpolansky (Acoustic waveguides,
2019-2022), PSA (2013-2016), Tenneco (2013-2017), Mambo (2021-2024). He was guest editor in the Journal of Sound and
Vibration for the edition of a Special Issue dedicated to recent advances in acoustic Black Holes (2020).

Ivan Tashev

Sound capture and speech enhancement technologies for the needs of in-car infotainment

Dr. Ivan Tashev received his Diploma Engineer degree in Electronic Engineering in 1984 and PhD in Computer Science in 1990 from Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. He was Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering of the same university in 1998, when joined Microsoft in Redmond, USA. Currently Dr. Tashev is a Partner Software Architect and leads the Audio and Acoustics Research Group in Microsoft Research Labs in Redmond, USA.

Ivan Tashev is IEEE Fellow since 2021, member of Audio Engineering Society since 2006. Served or serving as member of IEEE SPS Audio and Acoustics Signal Processing Technical Committee, IEEE SPS Industrial DSP Standing Committee, IEEE SPS Applied Digital Signal Processing Technical Committee, he is Chair of the IEEE SPS Industrial Technical Working Group. Since 2012 Dr. Tashev is affiliate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. Since 2019 he is honorary professor at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dr. Tashev published two scientific books as the sole author, wrote chapters in two other books, authored or coauthored 100+ publications in scientific journals and conferences. Ivan Tashev is listed as inventor of 55 USA patent applications, 50 of them already granted. The audio processing technologies, created by Dr. Tashev, have been incorporated in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Auto Platform, and Microsoft Round Table device. Dr. Tashev served as the audio architect for Kinect for Xbox and Microsoft HoloLens.

More details about him can be found in his web page

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