Anton Fuchs

  • Finished his PhD in acoustics at INSA Lyon with Pr Guyader in 1991: Numerical simulation of sound transmission through multiple-walls
  • Research engineer at CSTB’s acoustic dept (French research center for the building industry) between 1983 and 1996. Sound transmission analytical and numerical modeling in ships (military) and buildings, SEA, insulating and absorbing products development for major building industry companies (St-Gobain, BPB, Lafarge…), international standards development.
  • Engineer at PSA Peugeot-Citroën research and development since 1997 : expert at the vehicle NVH department since 2008. Structural-acoustic coupling at low (FEA), mid and high (SEA) frequencies. Stochastic modeling, Inverse methods for noise and vibration sources. Vehicle aeroacoustics. Acoustic quality and sound simulation. Audio equipment development. Engine Sound enhancement. In charge of the NVH aspects of the innovative Hybrid Air technology.