Dr. Guiqiang Zhang

NVH Challenges and solutions on Range Extender Development

Guiqiang-Zhang has been project and product development director for multiyear focusing on internal combustion engineering. The latest engine of his team which was already in mass production 2 years ago achieved 43.32% thermal efficiency and 60.2dB(A) sound emission which is one of the top10 best engines of China. He is now working with Li-Auto as the Senior Director of the Range Extender System Department.

After the graduation from Beijing Institute of Technology with master degree, he started his profession with PATAC(Shanghai GM technical center) and later Geely-Volve, where Multi-national experiences were gained both engine design and project development.

Two years ago, he switched to Li Auto. The development and integration of Generation 2 Range Extender were taken over by his team, achieved nearly pure BEV driving performance (just around 1dBA difference) in REV mode in the vehicle by the optimization in both base engine and vehicle integration. To improve the competitiveness of the engine further, generation 3 is under development already for this time being with targets of ~3% higher on BTE and ~3dB lower on NVH than that of generation 2.